Our Origin

The Holy Cross Student Investment Fund is designed to bolster the College’s Liberal Arts education by developing literacy for the Financial Services Industry, fostering teamwork and personal growth through competition, and providing a rigorous training program to prepare underclassmen for internships and employment outside of Holy Cross. Members gain experience and knowledge in the fields of asset valuation, equity research, and portfolio management to prepare them for the demands of modern Business and Finance.  

Our Progress

The Holy Cross Student Investment Fund has grown incredibly since its inception nearly 2 years ago. The club base has grown to a team of 40 who are incredibly dedicated to learning the technical skillset of Finance and has promoted a 95% placement rate of Internships and Jobs for our Club members. This past year, HCSIF partook in its first Stock Pitch Comptition hosted by the Isenberg School of Management where our team represented by Jack Boyd 21', Hayden Ivatts 21', Hannah Callaghan 20', and Jack McConville '20 ousted teams represented by: Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Georgetown, NYU and Northeastern. AS part of winning, HCSIF brought home a check of $3,000 which the team members decided unanimously to incorporate back into the club. To learn more of the progress this club has made read about the progression of the club in different articles posted by "The Spire".   

Our Future

This coming Autumn, HCSIF will be attending the 2019 Engage Undergraduate Investment Conference at the University of Michigan, the largest and most competitive stock competition for undergraduates in North America. In addition, HCSIF plans to attend Cornell University’s Stock Pitch Competition, organized and hosted by the SC Johnson College of Business. We will also be taking part in the Chicago Quantitative Alliance Investment Challenge, and have been invited to the Berkeley Investment Conference at the University of California.  

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Holy Cross Student Investment Fund (HCSIF) is not a collective Investment Scheme.HCSIF does not hold an Investment Fund but rather strictly runs its positions on a Paper Book.  HCSIF does not provide, nor claim to provide, investment advice for individuals or institutions. This Organization acts in coordination with the Pre-business office at College of the Holy Cross. The Material and information distributed on this website is strictly for Educational Purposes only and should not be considered as a recommendation of a particular security, investment, or strategy. 

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